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Construction monitoring

Our team of engineers is experienced in residential and low-rise commercial construction monitoring.

Our construction monitoring services include:

  • Recording and monitoring construction works to ensure they are carried out in accordance with the approved design. Typical inspections include foundation excavations, reinforcing inspections, structural connections, fixing inspections for bracing panels, and post-relevelling floor surveys.
  • Assisting the contractor with changes to the designs or construction stages that are unavoidable after the works have started.
  • Liaising with council building officers to answer any queries or changes that arise during the works.
  • Providing full record of the works and PS4 engineering sign-off to obtain code compliance certification when the works are completed.

If you would like to know more about this service, please contact us for more information by calling (03) 3416682 or email info@nzcse.co.nz.