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Structural design

Our team of engineers is experienced in residential and low-rise commercial structural design.

Our structural design services include:

  • Cost effective design solutions for residential and commercial clients. We pride ourselves in developing smart designs that save time and construction costs and ensure safe construction sequencing.
  • Design of new structures, residential alterations, renovation, and extension works. Seismic restraint of building services. Temporary works designs for contractors.
  • Internal bracing designs and checks, including for retrofit or renovations.
  • Timber, concrete, or steel structural designs to suit your projects.
  • Providing advice on repair and renovation works to comply with the NZ Building Code.
  • We design foundations for all land categories: TC1, TC2, and TC3 for Christchurch.
  • PS1 and LBP Memorandum Design Certification by Chartered Structural Engineers provided to the local building consent authorities on your behalf to obtain building approval as required.

Peer review of structural design by other consultants, with PS2 documentation provided to the local building consent authority.

If you would like to know more about this service, please contact us for more information by calling (03) 3416682 or email info@nzcse.co.nz.

Featured Projects

Complex Residential Hillside Construction

Complex site conditions of the project meant that the structural design required close liaison with specialist geotechnical engineers and the architectural designer.

New Build Residential Construction

The project involved a lifestyle property located in North Canterbury. Our involvement comprised structural design of the foundations, beams, bracing, chimney, and portico.